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Clean Crude Oil
Terasol Energy provides the highest quality next generation feedstocks for use in biofuels, oleochemicals and direct uses such as in power generation. We produce both edible and inedible feedstocks in a sustainable manner. We are currently entering into long term agreements with customers for delivery of crude vegetable oils. Oils derived from these feedstocks have various applications for the liquid fuel, power generation and specialty chemicals industries.

We deliver larger quantities for liquid tanker shipment FOB from ports in Brazil. We can also arrange for smaller research and trial run quantities.

Planting Materials
We offer high-yielding seeds for energy crops. We have worked to identify and cultivate accessions of the energy and oil seed crops that correspond with various global agro-climatic conditions.  We have done so through close collaborations with plantations and research centers across Brazil, Europe and India. We have a portfolio of leading genetic material and we are continously focused on developing and adapting innovative inedible feedstocks independenly and in collaboration with partners. We typically work on projects of 5,000 hectares or greater.