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At Terasol Energy, we are deeply committed to sustainability and engaging only in business opportunities that are socially and environmentally responsible.  The following are our core sustainability principles:

  • Demonstrate social responsiblity and promote the use of natural resources.
  • Never engage in any activity that results in deforestation, environmental degredation or eutrophication.
  • Never compete against food production for resources.
  • Create value and wealth for the communities in which we operate.
  • Select and cultivate crops that have low nutrient, chemical and water demands.

Terasol's sustainability principles are reflected in our primary business strategy of developing and cultivating short cycle, second-season "safrinha" crops. By cultivating safrinha crops on land dedicated to a primary crop such as soybeans, we promote the increased utilization of existing agricultural land and infrastructure. In addition, safrinha crop cultivation is a form of crop rotation which confers several environmental and agronomic benefits.  These benefits include increased nutrient retention (resulting in reduced fertilizer demand), improved soil structure and increased pest resistance (resulting in reduced pesticide and herbicide demand).